BLACK BOTTLE Blended Scotch Whisky vol.40% - 70cl

18,45€ s/iva

22,69€ c/iva

Refª: 5029704111442
País: Escócia
Tipo: Whisky
Ano: NV
Alcool: 40%
Volume: 70cl
Recomendações: On the Rocks, Cocktails

Burn Stewart Distillers apresenta o novo Black Bottle Scotch Whisky - um regresso à formula e à garrafa original.

O resultado é surpreendente, oferecendo um gosto curiosamente rico e levemente fumado que mantém o carácter distinto do Black Bottle, mas que acrescenta outra camada de profundidade ao líquido.



It was during the Great War in 1914 that the indomitable brothers were forced to substitute their revered black glass flask for a standard green glass bottle, a decision that would change the look of their treasured blend for the next century. Yet the BLACK BOTTLE name has remained a symbol of the Grahams uncompromising excellence in blending from 1879 to the present day. 

This new era marks a return to the Grahams original vision, with a bottle of pure blackness, a distinctive golden label, and a blend as delicious as ever. And in honour of Gordon Graham’s legacy and impeccable standards as the original Master Blender, our bottle still proudly bears his name today.

Black Bottle is enjoyed around the world by those with the confidence to look beyond the everyday, to see the potential others never will. Indeed it is a whisky blended for people just like the Grahams themselves.



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