Pure Green Organic Vodka - vol.40% - 70cl

25,00€ s/iva

30,75€ c/iva

Refª: 7350048361001
País: França
Tipo: Vodka
Região: Cognac
Ano: n/a
Castas: n/a
DOC Regional: Cognac
Alcool: 40
Volume: 70cl

Uma Vodka de trigo 100% orgânica, suave e no entanto cheia de carácter, que nos conta a sua história oriunda da região de Cognac, nascida no Château de Bonbonnet pela sexta geração de Maîtres de Chai.



Organically grown winter wheat in Cognac, France (Attlass varietal).
Bottle made with environmental friendly methods saving energy.
Printing on bottle contains no heavy metals.
The whole production from the field to the transports has been modified to create as low carbon emissions as possible.


Many strive to improve our world where environmental issues have become a problem and fortunately the "green" movements have become strong. We want to contribute with our part, doing what we are good at; making vodka of the highest quality. 100% organic. After almost two years of thorough research and development the final product is now finished and we are more than satisfied with the results:

A 100% organic wheat vodka, smooth and yet full of character, that tells its story from the historic Cognac region, born at Chateau Bonbonnet by a sixth generation Maître de Chai (cellar master).


The ambition with Pure Green® has always been to create perfect vodka, smooth and yet full of character, a distillate of the highest quality. Our pursuit of the finest ingredients brought us to the chalky soils of Cognac, south western France, where we found extraordinary conditions to organically grow high quality winter wheat. This is the very soul of our product.

After harvesting our organically grown winter wheat we distil it in a column still six times to create a clean and smooth distillate. The spirit is then blended by the gentle hands of our Maître de Chai with fresh spring water that has gone through a careful filtration. We want our Pure Green® to be a combination of a pure and smooth distillate yet retaining all its original wheat character.

Pure Green® is distilled from the finest organically grown wheat, carefully farmed in Breville in the center of the Cognac region. Our farmer grows wheat in his fields every second year. Using several fields we can maintain a high quality production and still produce sufficient volumes. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used. The wheat is then carefully selected for Pure Green®. This method ensures a high quality grain and is close to how our ancestors proudly cultivated their fields.
Pure Green® is certified in accordance with the EC (834/2007) and US requirements for organic farming.

We decided to take our environmental initiative one step further, ensuring a 100% organic product, where the production and distribution processes would minimize the environmental impact. From the wheat field to the bottling line the distance is not more than a few kilometers. In addition to this the bottle is produced by a glass manufacturer with an ambitious environmental program. The bottle is produced using less glass than a conventionally designed bottle. Even the ink on the bottle is printed using an organic method, where heavy metals are not included.

If you want to prepare some Great Organic Cocktails please click here: http://www.puregreenvodka.com/main#!__main/inspiration


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