GRANDE ABSENTE 69 - vol. 69% - 70cl

24,75€ s/iva

30,44€ c/iva

Refª: 3379974201001
País: França
Tipo: Absinto
Região: Provence
Ano: n/a
Castas: n/a
Alcool: 69%
Volume: 70cl

Como os artistas e "poetas malditos" do século XIX, você gosta de emoções fortes? Revisite a lenda da fada verde através do Absente!
GRANDE ABSENTE 69° é um absinto muito aromático, intenso e complexo, com plantas dominantes, especiarias e amargo no final.
O mais autêntico dos absintos, o Grande Absente 69º é um licor amargo que contém mais plantas de absinto e menos açúcar.



In 1830, officers used to advise soldiers in Algeria who were not feeling well to add a few drops of Absinthe liqueur to the more-or-less pure water they were given to drink. But soldiers and officers alike preferred to increase the dose, and this beneficial liqueur also cured homesickness. And so abinthism was thus created under the African sun, and the medication became a source of inebriety. 

But anti-drinking campaigns sprouted up nearly everywhere in Europe, and their main target was Absinthe. 
Belgium banned it in 1906 and Switzerland followed suit in 1910. France simply levied a tax on it. But on January 7, 1915, Poincaré confirmed these various measures; on March 4, he extended them to various limitations that applied to bars, and eventually there was a total ban on Absinthe. 


Grande Absente is a bitter liqueur that contains more absinthe and less sugar.
Grande Absente is made from alcohol, sugar, absinthe infusions and essences, mugwort and star anise, aniseed alcohol, balm and mint.

. Wormwood 
. Mugwort 
. Aniseed 
. Lemon balm 


Grande Absente completes the existing Absente and Extrême d’Absente range. The new Grande Absente formula contains more absinthe plant extracts and is low in sugar, thus providing its special bitter flavour.
Grande Absente is clear and shiny in appearance, with a striking green colour and yellow undertones.

Grande Absente should be served neat over crushed ice or in cocktails. 


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